Kuwait International Golf & Country Club

~ Owned by Kuwait International Golf Co. W.L.L.


27 Hole Championship Course of World Class Standard


The Designer, Jim Ruelle's Guide To The Course



Hole #9 is as equally as friendly as Hole #1, which gives the golfer ample room for first shot jitters. Bunkers provide visual guidance, and only come into play when you push or power-fade your tee shot.


Hole #2, Par 5, gives the golfer a hole that says give it all you got, and then some! These 592 yards from the black tees is where your second shot is as important as your tee-shot. Again, the fairway bunkers are considered more than fair as they give you direction and assist in preventing errant balls from reaching the parallel Hole #8.


Hole #3, Par 3, plays 234 yards to the center of the green, depending on the seasonal breeze.


Yardage from Hole #4 from the black tees in order to clear the lake is 290 yards, while from the blues, the lake comes into play at 250 yards plus another 20 yards to the green.


The water comes into play once again on the Par 3 Hole #5. This time only thoses golfers who tend to hook the ball will be concerned about this deep watery grave.


Water is on your far left on Hole #6 but with very generous fairways and even wider roughs, the player does not usually concern themselves with the blue tint of the water simmering from the floor of the desert.


Hole #7 does, and should, concern the golfer who is not confident of their drive; a straight long tee shot on this Par 5 will set you up for the opportunity of a birdie. Flirt with the left side and the Creek of Kuwait will accept all error tee-shots. The Creek protects the shorter distance to the green on the second shot while crossing the fairway.


The golfers can stay dry on Hole #8, one of the longest Par 4 at 491 yards as the crow flies.


The cross bunker at the green ensures the golfer is once again challenged to control their tee-shot and rewards a slight-draw for a little fairway-cut for a not so perfect second shot.


Water comes into view on Hole #9 from the tee, but not a concern as this finishing hole is the perfect way to come into the club with a birdie on your scorecard!